Lluïsa Fernández



Any aspect related to how people react and relate always fascinated me. And understanding why we consume or buy this or that also has to do with this interest in human behavior.

Critical thinking and self-opinion

I was born in 1969 in Barcelona (Spain), a beautiful city open to the Mediterranean sea. I went to John Talabot School, where half of the classes were taught in English and the other half in Spanish and Catalan. In that school I received a forward-looking education that encouraged reasoning and critical thinking. At the age of 14 I decided to study Psychology because I was fascinated by all aspects related to people’s reactions and relationships. Now, being in my late 40’s, I am glad to have achieved some incipient wisdom about the different dimensions of human affairs.

Perseverance, sensitivity, creativity and analytical capacity

During my childhood and adolescence, I studied music at the Music Conservatory until I got my Diploma as Piano Professor. This was a rather hard-working experience that required a lot of perseverance, but I am very happy about it, as it allowed me to acquire further sensitiveness, creativity and analytical skills that are very useful for both my professional and personal life. Later on, I have attended some workshops on drums, djembe (African drums) and tap dance... I must admit I cannot live without music!

Degree and master

After getting my degree in Psychology in 1992, I did a master in Psychopathology, because my first purpose was to become a Clinical Psychologist. This master was focused on children and adolescents, and I worked as a Children Psychologist for a while. I also worked as a Piano Teacher in a music school and as an Extracurricular Teacher in a variety of schools, developing my pedagogical skills by teaching kids, teens and adults.


Following that master I did a couple of postgraduate courses, one in Group Dynamics and the other one in Family Therapy. I also received specific training on Emergency and Disasters Psychology, which gave me a plus in understanding people’s reactions and relationships, but also the ability to react to the unexpected (more or less) properly.

Qualitative Market Research

However, my career completely changed in 1999 when I joined Censydiam (Ipsos) and fully got into Qualitative Market Research. This allowed me to discover a new and fascinating world where I could develop all my skills, from empathy to behaviour analysis. Working at Censydiam made me, to a great extent, the professional I am now. I received all the training and support I needed at the Censydiam Institute in Antwerp (Belgium). The company applied a consistent field work methodology and a frame of reference to analyze the information that allowed us to understand consumers’ motivations deeply in order to be able to give consistent and actionable recommendations to our clients –such as Coca-Cola, Heineken or Unilever. During that time I wrote and presented papers at AEDEMO and KID POWER, gave workshops in Barcelona and Antwerp, trained junior researchers and became Senior Analyst and Head of Kids & Teens Research for the South of Europe.

Specialization in innovation

After some years I moved to Research International (TNS), where I worked as an Associate Director and developed and led the Qualitative Department in Barcelona. During that time I managed a small team of researchers and had to face all the challenges that a project involves, from the briefing with the client to the presentation of results. But, above all, working at Research International allowed me to specialize in Innovation thanks to the valuable training and supervision provided by Gayle Moberg and the SuperGroup ® methodology.

Freelance Market Research Consultant

In 2006 I decided to become an independent Freelancer. Since then I offer my services as a Market Research Consultant to market research companies, marketing consultancy companies, NGOs and public institutions. I feel very lucky, because I work as a qualitative researcher all over the world, particularly in Europe, Latin America and Asia, which gives me the opportunity to explore and understand consumers’ attitudes and behaviour across cultures.

Associate Professor at Elisava

I am particularly interested in Innovation and Co-creation processes. In relation with this, I am an Associate Professor in two Masters at Elisava (Barcelona School of Design and Engineering -Pompeu Fabra University) helping young entrepreneurs to develop their projects in a wide variety of fields, which is particularly satisfying to me, as I love working with youngsters and creative people.


Besides, I am a member of AEDEMO (the Spanish Association of Market and Opinion Studies) and COPC (the Catalan Professional Association of Psychologists).

“Qualitative research has led me to discover a fascinating world in which I can develop all my skills.”
Lluïsa Fernández



User needs, concerns and interests

I have learned, and I am still learning

Since 1999 I have managed to acquire a great deal of experience, after hundreds of hours of moderation and analysis with all kind of consumers, users, shoppers and stakeholders, and a lot of time shared with our clients in workshops and presentations. I have learned, and still learn, many things from both, consumers and the brands that hire us, so I have managed to deeply understand users’ needs, concerns and interests in order to be able to transform them into marketing actions that are useful for the brands.


Interpret the meanings people attribute to products

Emotional and relational value

The key element is being able to interpret properly the meanings people confer to products, brands, packaging, communication, etc. and how these meanings help them to relate with their environment and to project a particular self-image. Beyond the obvious functionality that products and services can provide, the emotional and relational value that they have in users’ lives is key for a brand to connect with its real or potential target, and to differentiate from its competitors.

Presented papers and seminars

During my time as a Senior Analyst in Censydiam I wrote and presented the following papers and seminars:


Paper “How to Evaluate the Potential of Children’s TV Contents”

Presented at the AEDEMO 19th Seminar of Television (Salamanca, February 2003) and at the Kid Power Congress (BCN, May 2002)

Paper “Decision and Loyalty Factors in Children’s Nutrition”

Presented at the Kid Food Congress (BCN, October 2001)

Seminar “Kids & Teens Interview Training”

Carried out for Censydiam N.V. (Antwerp -Belgium-, July 2001)

Seminar “Keys to Anticipate the Success of a Children’s Concept”

Carried out for the Corporation of Radio and Television of Catalunya (BCN, July 2001) and for the Kid Power Congress (BCN, May 2001)

Paper “The Keys to the Pokémon Phenomenon Success”

Presented at the Kid Power Congress (BCN, May 2001)

Seminar “The New Parents’ Demands: a Challenge for Children’s Marketing”

At the Kid Power Congress (BCN, March 2000)


As a freelancer,


Seminar “Qualitative Research in Health and Health Resources Evaluation”

Carried out for the Health Department of Catalunya’s Government (Cornellà -BCN- December 2010).